May 2009

Dr. Louis J. Ignarro

May 25, 2009

Dr. Louis J. Ignarro is a Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at the UCLA School of medicine. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1998 for his discovery of the importance of nitric oxide to the cardiovascular system. He earned his B.S. in pharmacy from Columbia University and a PhD, in pharmacology from the […]

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Acai Berries

May 16, 2009

Medical research studies conducted on the Acai berries indicate The proanthocyanidine contents in Acai are 10 to 30 times the anthocyanins (these are the purple colored antioxidants) in red wine per volume. Although the French have a high fat diet, they have a low incidence of cardio vascular disease compared to the western countries. They […]

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