8 Oct '10

Which is Better, Maqui or Acai

by synergy

These are the two ‘headline’superfoods that haveemerged out ofSouth America inlately. Acai berrieshave been something of a sensation, inseveral senses of the word, with alarge number ofhealth  supplements nowproclaiming to tap into thehealth benefits of the berry. But the Maqui berry has made quite an impact itselflately – and recenttesting indicates health benefits thatcan more than hold their ownagainst theAcai.

So the question to ask is – which is better?

The Acai vs the Maqui

It is very important that youmake sure that yourbrain is switched on whencomparingthese2 berries.Either are able to makeimportantdietary claims,most of which have beenagreed byscientific research. But there has beenscantresearch studies of side by side results so weare only able toextrapolate comparisons.

As there is such little direct scientific studies to compare it isvital that we only deal inabsolutes –claims that have beenresearched andauthenticated by thewider scientific community. It is these results(notthe unsubstantiated claims) that we shall be comparing.

ORAC Score

The Acai berry and the Maqui berry are both able to boasthigh contents of antioxidants. The standard way tocalculate the antioxidant level of foods is to use the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) count. In this case the higher the ORAC score the more antioxidant the food has.

The ORAC table

  1. Maqui Berry 820
  2. Acai Berry 160-300
  3. Blueberry 61
  4. Raspberry 21
  5. Grapes 14

This clearly shows that thelevels of antioxidant inthe Maqui berryoutdo thosefound in the Acai berry. This isof importancewhen it comes to benefits to health.

This isashaving alargeamount of antioxidants is one of thebasic factors making up a ‘superfood’. Most of theclaims thatthese two berriespromise as toincreasing health levelscome from thelevels of antioxidants that they are able toboast. Antioxidants are essential to ourwell being inseveral important ways.

  • They help battle against cancer.
  • They have an anti-ageing capacity.
  • Theybuild-up the bodys’s immune system.
  • Improves our energy levels.

andmuch morebesides. As the Maqui hasabout 3 to 4 times theamounts of antioxidants of the Acai it means that itis able toboastof far more powerful benefits with regards it’s role as adietary supplement.

Maqui and Acai Nutritional Benefits

There arevery highamounts of vitamins and nutrients inboth the Acai and the Maqui berries. However thereis not anyeasyumbrella scoringmethod tomeasure such factors (unfortunately) as there is with the antioxidants.

What has becomenoted is that the farlargernumber of nutrients and vitamins in the Acai than in the Maquimeans it is more ‘powerful’ inthis aspects of being a health supplement.

This indicates that

  • The Acai gives more direct energy (though indirect energy from antioxidants also happens)
  • Poor diets, or restricted diets, are boosted significantly by the Acai
  • Growing your body (such as building muscle) is easier with the enhanced nutritional properties of the Acai.

One unique aspect of the Acai is that is contains Omega 3.  Omega 3 is vital for our health but is only found in fish and nuts – and the Acai berry.

Which Berry is Best?

With that indepth look which of the two berries is the best when it comes to our health?

The answer is very subjective as it is entirely based around what you want your health supplement to be doing.  The Maqui berry could be said to be more powerful if you are able to get all your vitamins and nutrients from other sources as the health boost from the far higher antioxidant levels is significant.

However if you want a health supplement that is able to deliver everything, antioxidant benefits and nutritional/vitamin boosts then you are best of looking at the Acai berry.

So what it eventually comes down to is your own preferences and lifestyle.  Both berries work as a health supplement, but can give you different results.

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