8 Oct '10

Foot Care For Diabetics

by synergy

It’s been noted that people suffering from diabetes can simply fall victim to diabetes. They often have to battle with foot problems like swelling, foot wounds, cracked feet and such like. So it goes without saying that diabetics need to pay close attention to even the most ordinary foot problem. Here is a catalogue of measures which will help you take correct care of feet while fighting diabetes.

The basic and the most imperative step in this direction is to be watchful of your foot condition. A regular watch will help you keep a check on any problems that might be affecting your feet. Some things to be noted out for are bruises, cuts, cracking, swelling and similar sicknesses. If your feel that your your feet. some problem, it is suggested to see a doctor at the earliest best.

A different way you can combat feet illnesses is by keeping them clean. You may not be able to get a pedicure repeatedly, but you can definitely clean them at home. Submerge your feet in hot water for approximately 10 mins to loosen the dead epidermal cells present. You can use a scrubber to lose them as well as any residue dirt. End the foot cosseting session with moisturization.

If you are battling with diabetes, it is essential to be extremely cautious of your shoes. Diabetes sufferers are very prone to the issue of swelling of feet.If you wear fitted shoes there is a fair chance that you can hurt your feet much more. It is advisable to go for shoes that are a tiny loose than usual. You also must take care that your toes get acceptable space to move. Make it a point to wear snug and breathable socks prior to wearing your shoes.

Another common foot care issue as faced by diabetes sufferers is cracking. Don’t ignore this problem as something very ordinary. You need to handle the problem at the earliest possible. For this it is bet to employ a foot care cream as soon as you notice any cracking in your feet. One good option faced by diabetics is petroleum jelly. However,When you make use of such foot care products, it is essential to exercise caution. Never apply these products between your toes. It has been observed that this area is very prone to sweating. quickly as you apply cream to this sweat prone area you are likely to invite infections.

Another major care in this direction is to stop your feet from exposure to intense temperatures. One useful thing that you can do is to avoid taking baths with very cold or very warm water.The cold water can cause a numbing effect on your feet. It does so by limiting the blood flow to feet as the blood capillaries have an inclination to get numb when exposed to cold water. On the other hand warm water can increase the risk of burning of feet. The ideal is to make use do water which is neither very hot. If you are a typical user The cold water bottles, it is suggested to keep a tab on its temperature.

Not taking care of feet when going through diabetes can lead to several complications. Sometimes, amputation of the feet may also be of the best interest of every diabetic to take extra care of their feet.

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