Why do you sell less than other sites selling the same product?

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Both products from the competitor's website and ours ProArgi9store.com come from the same company, Synergy WorldWide. We are also both Independent Distributors of the same company. ProArgi9store.com elected to pass the savings to you so that you can try for yourself for less and experience the benefits. All 3 products (ProArgi9 plus, Mistica and Core Greens) really do help with your cardiovascular problems, circulations, etc and we want you to try it out and be healthy today, it's as simple as that.

We sell at cost, but don't get me wrong - we do make money in the form of rebates, it's not much but we try to grow our business other ways too. So if you're a person that just want to consume the product and not be bothered by sales marketing or how to make money from it, you can. But if you experience positive results in your life using ProArgi9, Mistica or Core Greens, well why not make money while you are at it! You can do that too! For more information contact me joel@proargi9store.com