23 Jun '09

Acai: Miracle from the Amazon – Mistica

by synergy

acai berries mistica

Ancient wisdom speaks volumes to modern man

One of nature’s true marvels, the Amazon rain forest spreads over northern Brazil like a vast green sea. Watered by constant rains, the Amazon represents over half of the planet’s remaining rain forests and contains an unparalleled diversity of plant and animal life. This is a land of superlatives. During the dry season, the Amazon River reaches seven miles at its widest point, but in the rainy season, the river expands to an unbelievable 48 miles wide. More than 20 percent of the world’s fresh water flows through the Amazon into the Atlantic Ocean.

A variety of native peoples have lived in the Amazon Basin for thousands of years, practicing agriculture and subsisting on whatever they could find. With more than a third of the plant and animal species in the world, this area offers a rich array of food. One plant in particular has nourished the indigenous Brazilians and helped them flourish—the açai palm. For centuries Brazilians have used the açai palm as a food, shelter and balm. This tall, slender plant is so important to Amazonians that scientists have recorded no less than 22 uses for all parts of the tree. Natives harvest the fronds for thatching and weaving, and the wood is used to build houses. After harvesting the tree, Amazonians enjoy the palm heart in salads and casseroles.

By far, the most important part of the tree is the berry. Men carefully harvest the berries by hand, then pass the harvest to the women, who pound the berry into a puree and serve it as a warm sauce, or turn it into a thick, purple juice. In most Amazon river towns, residents can purchase açai juice in small establishments call açailandia. The average person might drink several liters of açai juice each day.

acai berries on boatBefore battle, warriors reputedly drank açai juice to increase their stamina, strength and resolve. Local legends tell of açai’s many other health-enhancing qualities, including its magical powers to enhance sexual desire. These indigenous people truly understand nature’s bounty and wisely use what the land offers them.

Until recently, açai and its healthful benefits were unknown outside Brazil. But that has changed.

We now know that this small, purple berry is packed with antioxidants and anthocyanins, as well as a naturally occurring array of fatty acids, amino acids and plant sterols. These powerful compounds offer numerous health benefits, including the ability to enhance the circulatory, immune and cardiovascular systems.

Ancient wisdom can speak volumes to modern man. Our science is powerful, but the accumulated knowledge of the ages can teach us much about balance, wholeness and our relationship to nature. The açai berry has helped Brazilian natives flourish for thousands of years, and now it can help you to live long, live strong and live well.

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