25 May '09

Dr. John P. Cooke – Cardiovascular Expert

by synergy

Dr. John P. Cooke is Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Section of Vascular Medicine at Stanford Medical School. He earned his PHD at the Mayo Clinic, and served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

His book, The Cardiovascular Cure: How to Strengthen Your Self Defense Against Heart Attack and Stroke
has received rave reviews by numerous scientists and medical experts. Dr. Jay N. Cohn M.D., University of Minnesota  Medical School wrote, “This authoritative book appropriately points out why everyone should worry about the health of their endothelium and better still, do something to protect it if it shows signs of damage. Early identification and treatment of reduced nitric oxide release should be the preventive agenda for the new millennium.

Gerald Reaven of Stanford Medical School wrote, “Helping yourself prevent a heart attack means knowing more than your “cholesterol count. In this clearly written book, Dr. Cooke introduces you to the important role played by the endothelium (the lining of your blood vessels.) in this process and what you can do to keep this vital organ as healthy as possible.

Dr. Cooke describes supplements in his book. L-Arginine description Amino Acid use. For people with symptoms of heart or vessel disease including Chest pain due to coronary artery blockages, leg cramping due to narrowing in the leg arteries, shortness of breath, difficulty walking, or fatigue due to a weak heart and impotence.

“From our research and that of labs around the world, we have found that many people benefit from supplemental L-arginine. Â In people with heart and vessel disease, L-arginine restores production of nitric oxide and improves blood flow and in so doing, relieves symptoms of heart and vessel disease. It can increase exercise tolerance and improve sexual performance in men who have vasculogenic impotence.

In his frequently asked questions he is asked, “If the endothelium is so important, why haven’t I heard about it until now? The biology of the endothelium is one of the hottest areas in cardiovascular science today. Several Nobel Prizes have been awarded for discoveries linked to the endothelium â?? most recently in 1998, to the three American scientists who discovered endothelium â?? derived nitric oxide. However, it takes years, sometimes decades, for the best science to be translated into something useful.

The Cardiovascular Cureby John P Cooke M.D. written in 2002 is a great cardiovascular reference.


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