8 Oct '10

How to Control Cholesterol Levels

by synergy

To reduce the level of cholesterol is necessary because its high levels in the bloodstream increase the danger of coronary heart disease. In case the cholesterol level in your bloodstream is atypically high, follow the below discussed rules to reduce it.

Step 1: Cut down on your fat and cholesterol consumption
The first and the most elementary step to lower the cholesterol levels in your blood is to curb the OTT intake of fat and fats. Use more of monosaturated oils, including olive and canola oils, in your diet instead of butter and oils high in saturated greasy acids.

Similarly, stop consuming  high cholesterol food items like eggs, polyunsaturated oils, butter, margarine or any other type of fatty dressing. Instead, include a lot of dietary fibre and whole cereals into your diet.

Step two : Make acceptable changes in your lifestyle
This is meant especially for all couch-potatoes. They need to give up on their practice of eating junk-food and lying around. It is time that they give up such a lifestyle or else it might be too late. Switch from junk-food to healthy foods foods rich in vital nutrients and fibre. Also, move off that couch and start doing some exercise. Play something in the field, do some running or cycling. That would help increase your rate of metabolism and enable you to quickly burn whatever you eat.

Step three : Take Medications if Nothing Helps
If lifestyle changes are not working or if there is an insistent duty to lower LDL cholesterol levels and the level of triglycerides, then don’t hesitate to take medications. Medications for lowering cholesterol can be divided into a few categories based on the intended component of cholesterol- Cholesterol, LDL cholesterol or Triglycerides.

Medicines such as Statins and Vitamin B niacin are useful to lower LDL cholesterol. However, you should not over-consume Vitamin B as it could have significant side-effects. You should stick to your physician’s recommendation on its intake plan. You should be also be wary of over-consuming other cholesterol-reducing medicines as they can also have side-effects.

Step 4: Increase the Amount of HDL-Cholesterol
Yes, you read it right. This cholesterol can help you bring down overall cholesterol levels in your body. That is why it is called good cholesterol and considered essential for the body. Its optimum level in the body should be 60 mg/dL 1.55 mmol/L . Any level below it is considered dangerous for the body.

In case your body HDL Cholesterol falls below the formerly discussed levels, you can raise it thru the consumption of monosaturated oils olive oil and other items high in Vitamin B. However, you shouldn’t consume too much Vitamin B as it may have serious side-effects. You can also enhance the level of this cholesterol in the body if you control the intake of alcohol.

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