20 Mar '10

Protocol Used by the High Dessert Heart Study to Take ProArgi9 Plus

by synergy

Many people have asked how ProArgi9 was taken by the participants of the High Desert Heart Study. This is the answer, according to Dan SwinDell, originator of the study.

  1. Four scoops (20 grams of l-arginine) per day – 2 scoops in the morning and 2 more scoops 12 hours later in the evening.
  2. Mixed with room or body temperature water for maximum dilution, and maximum absorption by the intestines.
  3. Each scoop was mixed with 12 ounces of water. So 2 scoops were mixed in 24 ounces.

One person dropped out of the study due to bowel discomfort. It was an older participant with known bowel challenges. The ONLY reported negative effect of l-arginine therapy was gastro-intestinal discomfort – loose bowels and diarrhea.

And there is a reason for that. Nitric oxide is produced by the endothelium of the small and large bowel when l-arginine is converted, and this NO stimulates “movement” or peristalsis.

Also, when the body begins to heal and break down plaque and eliminate toxins from cells – that toxic overload needs to come OUT. Even the metabolism of l-arginine to nitric oxide creates a metabolic byproduct which needs to be eliminated.

So although not always comfortable, the bowel movement is ultimately cleansing and balancing to the body, not something to suppress.

This discomfort can be minimized by (according to our community – not High Desert)

  1. Super hydration of 4-5 liters of good quality water a day. (Proper hydration ALONE has been shown in clinical studies to reduce blood pressure!)
  2. Keeping food and drink separate: drink 1 hour before a meal or two hours after
  3. Starting slowly and working up to the recommended amount.

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