8 Oct '10

What Should Be The Dietary Pattern If The Subject Of High Blood Pressure?

by synergy

The issue of high blood pressure isn’t a standard health condition. It can take an exceedingly significant turn too, due to the countless health threats that it is known to take along. So if you do not need to battle any of the adversary health risks it is best to stop the issue from emerging in the first place. Following are some measures that will help you keep blood pressure in check.

Lose weight. This is the most important thing that you can do to avoid raised blood pressure. When you are obese, your body needs to pump extra blood to make it reach all the body parts. As a result, your blood pressure increases. To maintain optimal blood pressure, it is critical you lose those extra pounds.

Start by restricting your calorie intake. Cut down on your preprocessed food consumption. Instead, eat more of fresh veggies and fruit. Couple this with moderate physical activity like half an hour of brisk walking and you are sure to shed pounds.

Another nice option in this direction is lean meat. Lean meats are deprived of components like lard or fat, which are known to start the blood pressure levels to a major extent. Lean meat generally is made of fish, lean pork and poultry. Some other items which can be called lean meat are ostrich meat and buffalo meat. However, their consumption must be restricted to a moderate level.

Another factor responsible for the health condition of blood pressure is alcohol. So it might be in your interest to keep the consumption of alcohol in moderation. Experts are persuaded that men should not exceed their alcohol consumption beyond 2 drinks on a day-to-day basis. On the other hand ladies are advised to limit their intake to only one drink every day.

Exercise is another sure shot measure to take blood pressure miles away from you. Exercise makes sure that there’s a smooth flow of blood to all the parts of the body and that too without putting any load on the heart to function optimally. Exercise doesn’t mean that you always need to head to gymnasium. You can always consider opting for physical activities like skipping, walking, dancing, jumping and lots more to make up for your exercise routine.

Kick the butt if you don’t wish to battle blood pressure problem. Smoking not only increases the possibility of heart attacks, but also goes a long way in inviting problems like blood pressure. Simply quit smoking and in no time you’ll find the blood pressure reducing considerably. Smoking is naturally not an easy thing to dispose of. If you have difficulty to battle longings, it is suggested to choose nicotine gums, smoking sprays and some others smoking conclusion aids.

Lastly, monitor your blood your blood pressure on a regular basis. This will help you take prompt action in case your blood pressure exceeds the standard levels. So, you can avert your blood pressure from going out of control.

Prevent high blood pressure because prevention is often better than cure.

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