Acid Reflux, Weight loss and Proargi9 plus

SEXUAL FUNCTION, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, ACID REFLUX, WEIGHT LOSS – “My cholesterol used to be about 157 over 88. I had high cholesterol – about 240 points. My liver enzymes were off the charts, and I have suffered acid reflux for about 15 to 20 years – popping Tums like it was candy! After using the V3 products for a few weeks, my blood pressure dropped to 121 over 74, which is normal. My high cholesterol levels dropped 60 points and is now down under 200, which is also normal. My acid reflux is totally GONE, and I’ve lost over 20 pounds! I feel GREAT! Truly, better than I have in years and years!
-Dan Laing, Utah

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