ProArgi9 Plus – Why should you take it? A Marvel or Quackery?

ProArgi9 PlusSurely you wont get excited about L-Arginine and its benefits unless you have the following : Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol or any other Cardio Vascular problems. You see Arginine is one of the 20 amino acids that make up proteins. It is the ONLY amino acid that generates significant amount of nitric oxide. Why is nitric oxide so important for you? Because in 1998 three American Pharmacologists won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries concerning “nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system“. Nitric oxide protects the heart, stimulates the brain, kills bacteria, and has a role in protecting our lungs, preventing cancer and reversing impotence. Wow, that really is a huge claim! sounds like quackery! you say – Well, that is just part of what the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Intitutet, which awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine mentioned in their press release.

You have scientific research and discoveries, a Nobel Prize to boot but you’re still skeptical. Of course, it’s our nature to be skeptical. It’s still too good to be true right?! Well, let me put it this way, if you have High Cholesterol Levels, more likely you’re taking Lipitor. While Lipitor “helps” maintain a good HDL/LDL levels it does have side effects like headaches, upset stomach and constipation. Well tell me any doctor prescribed medicine that did not have side effects! You have to take other medicines to counter the symptoms! Which is often worse that your original ailment! Am I right? That’s a lot of pills to take!

Listen, ProArgi9 plus does have a side effects:: L-arginine (the main ingredient in ProArgi-9 Plus) is generally free of side effects when taken orally and appropriately. However, gastrointestinal upset could occur when it is taken in large amounts. The amount of L-arginine in a serving of ProArgi-9 Plus (5 grams) is not expected to be associated with adverse effects in healthy individuals. According to the 2007 PDR: ?Oral supplementation with L-arginine at doses up to 15 grams daily are generally well tolerated. The most common adverse reactions of higher doses – from 15 to 30 grams daily ? are nausea, abdominal cramps and diarrhea.?

I could tell you more about this “miracle molecule“, other reviews and proof about what ProArgi9 Plus does for people that have the same conditions as you. How about hearing from others like you that have taken the time to try something different that works!

FIBROMYALGIA – “I have suffered with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue for years. The pain has been extreme and has been a constant challenge in my life. I started using Synergy’s V3 products a few months ago, and I feel for the first time in years as if I have my life back. The difference in my life is profound – I am off my medication, I don’t have pain, I have energy and I am so grateful.
-Dawn Mitchell, Arizona

DIABETES – “I was diagnosed with diabetes more than a year ago. At the time, the doctor also told me I had high blood pressure and other serious challenges with my blood. I started taking Synergy’s V3 products, and am now off ALL of my medications! I have lost about 50 pounds since taking the products, and I feel great.”
-Larry Tidwell, Arizona

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – “A few months ago, I found out my blood pressure was about 159 over 97! I started taking Synergy’s V3 Nutritionals faithfully and I feel great. I test my blood pressure regularly now and it is always about 119 over 79! I have not taken any medication, just the V3 products, and I feel really good about the changes in my overall health. Thank you, Synergy!
-Lorin Leavitt, Utah

SEXUAL FUNCTION, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, ACID REFLUX, WEIGHT LOSS – “My cholesterol used to be about 157 over 88. I had high cholesterol – about 240 points. My liver enzymes were off the charts, and I have suffered acid reflux for about 15 to 20 years – popping Tums like it was candy! After using the V3 products for a few weeks, my blood pressure dropped to 121 over 74, which is normal. My high cholesterol levels dropped 60 points and is now down under 200, which is also normal. My acid reflux is totally GONE, and I’ve lost over 20 pounds! I feel GREAT! Truly, better than I have in years and years!” -Dan Laing, Utah

HIGH CHOLESTEROL – “I developed high cholesterol about a year ago. My doctor put me on Zocor, which I took for 3 months. I went back to be tested and I was worse than I was before I started taking the drug! My doctor wanted to me to double up on the Zocor, but I decided to try the V3 products. I took the products for 8 weeks consistently, and .went back to the doctor to get my labs done again. To my pleasant surprise (and my doctors), my LDL level dropped about 25% and put me into great shape – something the drugs could not do!“-Kelvin Sharp, Utah

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our product and sure that you will experience results if you’re diabetic, has a heart disease or High Blood pressure. We offer a 90-day 100% money back guarantee. If it does not help your condition, send back the empty bottles for 100% refund of your first order! So what else are waiting for? Your path to wellness is just a click away!

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