8 Jan '10

Special Event in Victorville, CA on Jan 22

by synergy

If you are anywhere in Southern California, make a plan to go to Victorville, CA.

ProArgi-9 Plus was put on trial and the results are extraordinary. Cardiovascular experts at the High Desert Heart Institute in Victorville, CA conducted a clinical trial on the circulatory benefits of the l-arginine product and witnessed significant improvements in many areas.

Dr. Siva Arunasalam, MD, one of the doctors involved in the study, will be presenting the findings of the clinical trial in a special meeting on January 22-23, 2010 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Victorville, CA. Joining him for the presentation will be Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast, MD, Synergy Founder and CEO Dan Higginson, and Presidential Executive Diane Leavitt.

The weekend event will be broken into three parts:

High Desert Heart Institute Open House – Friday, January 22, 1:00–4:30 pm
Opportunity Meeting—Friday, January 22 from 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Special Discussion on the L-arginine Clinical Study—Saturday, January 23 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Admission is free. Join us for this informative weekend event and embrace this opportunity to share the amazing benefits of ProArgi-9 Plus with others.
For more information contact Dan Austin, RN at 760-861-9628 or dcaustin1@msn.com.

January 22-23
Meetings will be held at the
Hilton Garden Inn
12603 Mariposa Road
Victorville, CA

January 22
Open House
High Desert Heart Institute
12780 Hesperia Road
Victorville, CA

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