9 Apr '10

Cholesterol and Triglycerides – Get To Know Them

by synergy

Today obesity and other health problems are truly becoming an epidemic which has caused people to take care of their health.

A hot topic on this subject is that of Cholesterol and Triglycerides .

The common misperception is that all cholesterol is bad, but in fact there is both good and bad cholesterol that play different roles in your body.

This is why it is important to learn about cholesterol and triglyceriides and how they affect your health so you know what your treatment options are. Basically there are two types of cholesterol LDL and HDL.


The bad cholesterol is know as LDL and this is the one responsible for building up in the arteries which feed the heart and brain with blood and oxygen .

Further, LDL can go on to create plaque in the arteries which is a very thick and hard substance, completely clogging the arteries and leading to atherosclerosis, or hardening of the veins/arteries .

HDL is considered the good form of cholesterol since high levels of this will help protect people against heart attacks and too low of levels can actually increase a persons risk of heart attack.


Triglycerides always come into play when discussing cholesterol .

Triglycerides are a fat that can be found naturally in food, but are also created by our bodies . This is important to cholesterol because it has been found that those with a high triglyceride level often also have a high total cholesterol, a high LDL and a low HDL.

I As you age, you should check your levels regularly to make sure they are in a healthy range . Everyone’s health is affected to a large extent by cholesterol and you need to know when your LDL levels are too high, when your HDL levels are two low or when you have a combination of both. It just makes good sense to know whether your body is healthy or not .

Sometimes checking your levels regularly isn’t enough as these levels can change dramatically and quickly . If you were checked about a month ago it doesn’t mean you are still healthy today. So it is important to make LDL and HDL levels a part of your regular checkup at the doctors office.

This way you can stay on top of your health and know when you need to make the necessary lifestyle changes to prolong your life and reduce your risk of heart disease. You doctor can recommend the necessary lifestyle changes and medications that you may need if they find you have high or low levels.

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