15 Apr '13

How many lives can we influence …

by synergy

“What makes my day and keeps me going, is hearing my clients share their stories on how ProArgi-9+ has changed their lives. Nothing is better than hearing from those individuals who I have challenged to start taking ProArgi-9+. These amazing stories and the remarkable results from using ProArgi-9+, motivates me to continue to share how ProArgi-9+ will improve health using Nobel Prize winning science. Sometimes we don’t realize how many people need us to share this miraculous dietary supplement with them.

Synergy is an amazing science-based wellness company that offers a product called ProArgi-9+. This product can help dramatically change lives. I have witnessed the results of ProArgi9+ in many individuals who use ProArgi-9+ to improve their health. By doing so, I have seen them improve their health, stamina, and outlook while also enjoying less medical interventions.

For example: after just a few months taking ProArgi-9+, a client of mine has had such remarkable results, such that 6 of her family and friends have started using ProArgi-9+. This client is in her 80’s and got an “A+” from here doctor recently after years of serious circulatory related problems. Today her circulation is back to normal after fighting to normalize it for decades, thanks to ProArgi-9+. How many lives can we influence for good by introducing them to the best l-arginine supplement in the marketplace? It gets results!”

— Wayne Sechrest

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